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On a previous website, I had a page dedicated to answering some of the questions about Scientology that I had been asked over the years. I put that page there for people who are not so interested in painting and art, but are more interested in that subject. I mean, why not? It’s an interesting subject. However, I like to keep things somewhat compartmentalised, so I’m putting up this blog site to cover Scientology separately. I am adding to it bit by bit, but right here I’d like to go over a few points.

I am not officially involved with the Church of Scientology. I do not in any way represent the institution, nor am I, in any capacity, a spokesperson for it. I should add that I am in no way remunerated or paid, or supported, financially or by any form of subsidy, by the church or any of its members or affiliates, official or unofficial. I am wholly independent of any institution, other than being a US citizen. I am a property owner, I am self-sufficient financially and, as far as I can tell, autonomous in both body and mind. However, I have many friends who are members in good standing who have bought paintings from me, but these purchases were made on an entirely separate and personal basis. (If you like my paintings and want to buy them, then I will sell them to you, no matter who you may be. God bless America!)

I am also not a member of or affiliated with any independent Scientology group.

Moving along:

I was born into Scientology, grew up in it and was a member of Church of Scientology staff for some 19 years. I left all staff activities when I was 28 and began to paint full time. I continued to engage in formal study of the subject, mostly at the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood, for a number of years, and then left off there to continue studying the subject, and all the subjects connected to it (religion, philosophy, physics, mathematics, esoterica, etc., etc.) on my own.

Over all that time, I did much of the lower-level studies and procedures, but not the upper, advanced levels. I am what is termed a Clear.

What of it I did do and study today, I have found helpful and interesting and, in many ways, expansive because, at its core, it deals with a subject that is of the utmost concern to me, and many, many people like me, and that is: What are we all doing here?

I’m not interested at all in why we are here on earth or in the universe (because I believe that to be a fruitless inquiry, such as wondering how many angels could dance on the head of a pin, or if reality is, in fact, a simulation), but, rather, that we are here and up to something, and that something has been the subject of a vast number of philosophies, religions, and sects since the beginning of time.

Making one’s way through life, you meet many challenges, and at the centre of these challenges are ethical problems, and underlying this ethics is The Meaning Of Life and all the difficult and complicated truths that it entails.

On a grand scale, understanding and embracing these concepts, both as individuals and as a society, could allow us to develop the level of personal responsibility that could ultimately give us Individual Sovereignty and the actual freedoms and liberty that goes with it, the Holy Grail yet to be achieved by civilisation. Misunderstanding these things and passing along the responsibility to others can give you the Soviet Union, China and North Korea. Tackling this fundamental problem successfully or not can give you either adventure or tragedy. So it’s interesting stuff.

Before the internet, and before Tom Cruise got so excited on Oprah, not very many people had heard of Scientology, relatively speaking. I would go out into the world and only rarely would it come up. Now, however, nearly everyone who learns my name, especially as I’m promoting my paintings, will inquire about it, which is why I’ve created this blog site.

Possibly, I have already satisfied your curiosity, so good. If I haven’t and you are interested in knowing more, then you can subscribe if you wish. I am not an avid blogger nor a particularly good writer, but I do intend to continue putting down a few thoughts and views over time—many of which may be considered controversial—that may be of interest to some people.

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