The Wild Mind – Part III

Mysticism Scientology 1.0.0 – Part 9 Now here’s the subject that plays the biggest role of all in Scientology 1.0.0. ————————————————————————————————– First, just for additional colour, some personal background: In the mid to late 1970s, after eight years of travel at sea, my parents moved, with their small administrative staffs, to a place called LaContinue reading “The Wild Mind – Part III”

The Wild Mind – Part I

Awe, Art and Early Religion Scientology 1.0.0 – Part – 7 Awe Art Early Religion Magic Myth Mysticism Psychology Religion Philosophy Alchemy Occultism Science That’s a possible sequence of things I think are inextricably linked. ————————————————————————————————– This and the following several articles are my humble attempt at putting the Church of Scientology in some contextContinue reading “The Wild Mind – Part I”

Infinity-Valued Logic

My last article was awhile ago, back in the pre-Covid days of yore, March (2020) I think. Since then I’ve been working on writing down a comprehensive description of what I know about the evolution of the Church of Scientology separating it into two basic epochs: Scientology 1.0.0, 1947 to 1980, and Scientology 2.0.0, 1981Continue reading “Infinity-Valued Logic”

Pan-determinism at last

Scientology 1.0.0 (1952) continued – part 5 “Why so glum? What you need is to be more pan-determined!” Talking about well-being from a Scientology 1.0.0 perspective, if you really intend to get to the point, is going to eventually end up dealing with the incredibly tricky, if not wholly thorny, subject of pan-determinism. Pan-determinism isContinue reading “Pan-determinism at last”

The Eight Dynamics, a map of the self.

Scientology 1.0.0 (1952) continued – part 4 “I have an existential map. It has ‘You are here’ written all over it.”― Steven Wright In scientology* there are a lot of descriptions of the metaphysical, like the couple of things already mentioned. One of the hellishly difficult problems with discussing metaphysics though is the limitations ofContinue reading “The Eight Dynamics, a map of the self.”

Space, Emotion and Well- being

Scientology 1.0.0 (1952) continued – part 3. “Space, the final frontier…” These are the immortal opening words of a very popular television series. Of course, they are referring to outer space but as any fan will tell you all the best action takes place in that other space, a subjective space, the space created byContinue reading “Space, Emotion and Well- being”

Scientology 1.0.0 (1952) continued – part 2

“I am nobody contemplating nothing” – 4th century gymnosophist Here’s a good book, Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea byCharles Seife. It’s got nothing to do with Scientology but it sure gives a great overview of zero and zero is the key to Scientology 1.0.0. Zero. Nothing. No thing. ?! No wonder Scientology isContinue reading “Scientology 1.0.0 (1952) continued – part 2”